The following are our terms of service that the buyer agrees to abide when making a purchase for calculus homework help services.

  • CalculusHelp.us provides calculus homework help to its customers for educational purposes only

  • All the information we provide and all the work rendered can be used only for private use

  • The customers take full responsibility for any use made of work we have rendered, beyond personal and private use, and beyond the purpose of being study material exclusively.

  • The 100% satisfaction guarantee policy consists of the guarantee that the work rendered will be correct, or we will refund the customer provided that (a) the claim is made within 7 days after the work has been delivered (b) the customer has notified us first of the technical error and we have’t been able to provide a correct answer within 24 hours of the requested claim.

  • The 100% satisfaction guarantee policy only includes strictly includes technical errors, and it EXPLICTLY excludes style disagreements.

  • Based on the above mentioned policy, refunds are made on a proportional basis of the amount of work that is proven to be wrong.

  • In case of disagreement of whether a solution contains errors, CalculusHelp.us and the customer agree to find a external proven expert to act as a referee. Such referee must be approved by both parts (the customer AND CalculusHelp.us).

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