The Growing Needs for Calculus Help in the Student Community

Why Calculus?

That branch of mathematics which deals with limits, derivatives, integration and differentiation of functions is known as the study of calculus.

The introduction of the subject happened at a time when there was a need for precise calculation of rates of change. Indeed, the total amount of change in processes and systems usually can be effortlessly represented by functions. Calculus is basically the studying together of its 2 primary tools – the derivative and the integral which is an offspring of the concept of limit. The subject came up as a complex mathematical dissertation but no attention was paid for locating or preparing adequate resources for Calculus help.

When Isaac Newton introduced the concept of Calculus way back in the 17th century, little did he know that one day it would loom as a dark threat perpetually hanging over the minds of the students! Even today any advanced thinking in the development of calculus, would mean absolute agony.

Calculus Help

Why Some Students Hate Calculus?

In view of the complex terminology and the involvement of an unending stream of formulae and equations, Calculus was seldom someone’s cup of tea ever since the topic was introduced as a full fledged curriculum in schools and colleges. The problem with this branch of mathematics is that it never grew on to be a user friendly division of science and students in most cases were left to fend for themselves as examinations drew nearer. Thus began a scouting around for a good teacher who could readily provide all the help that a student needs to overcome not only the fear of the subject but also see him through the examinations which were more nerve-racking than ever before.

The need for calculus help arose way back in those days when the topic left the cool grasslands of absolute theory traversing forward through the rugged terrains of complex numerical formulae that spelt sure doom for those not accustomed to a difficult life. Hapless parents watched in vain as the teacher wielded the pen to strike down any thing that was wrong with the blood thirsty cry of having claimed his next mortal.

Today’s Scene

Today the scene is far from encouraging. School students have no option to keep the subject out of their reach with that ease and convenience as they would have done if asked to choose between a steely two wheeler and a swanky all comfortable Merc. Calculus is here to stay and the same 17th century approach to the study of the subject is rampantly prevalent everywhere. Authoritative calculus help is a luxury to obtain, and if you are progressing with the study of the subject thinking that you can go all out on your own steam, think again while there is time. Calculus has found immediate application in the explanation of various models and experiments in Physics, Astronomy, applied science and space research.

What Options Do They Have?

Proper calculus help is indeed rare to find. Many tutors would profess to know the subject with the ease and agility of a gazelle, only to the extent that standard textbook requirements and school curriculum are met. No one can dare to say that the knowledge of the subject is better and more encompassing than what the text books contain, it would indeed be difficult to find a pundit of the subject who can talk calculus in the normal flow of things.

Online calculus help is available though to a very limited extent. In view of the specialized nature of the subject, only physicists and scientists using Calculus in the study of vectors and scalars would be doing a meaningful discussion among themselves. Chat rooms and forums where one can post problems for a quick solution are seldom having the crowd and the intelligentsia that matches the requirement of the subject.

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